I’m selling my house in Jakarta

I’m thinking of selling my house in Jakarta. It is located in Jl. Pagelarang No. 40 Rt.02 / Rw.01 Kelurahan Setu Jakarta Timur. Although it’s not downtown but you’ll have two accesses to the Cikampek-Jagorawi Highway. The size of the house is 110 m2 built in 365 m2 land. You’ll get three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and garden with garage. You’ll also get 1300-Watt of electricity and fixed telephone. The plumbing is already available although I think it need to be fixed but not much.

The Map. See the the pentagon marked by the blue arrow

I’m opening the price at Rp. 515.000.000, it’s still negotiable. But, let me assure you that it’s good deal. There are plenty of trees, the environment is still well-cared. People there are friendly and nice. The neighborhood is also nice, there is less crime compared with any other areas in Jakarta. The MOST important thing: FLOOD DOESN’T REACH MY HOUSE. When Jakarta was flooded a few months ago, it doesn’t happened in my neighborhood. The house is located in higher ground than the rest of the area so it’s not affected by the flood.

Does anyone want to have a house in Jakarta? If you’re interested please contact me (022-91350274) or just leave a comment here.


Installing WinXP and Linux Fedora6 in notebook

I promised my dosen in UPI that I would install Windows XP in his brand new notebook. It supposed to be an original copy of Windows XP with additional MS Office 2003 because he is planning to go abroad. He doesn’t want any troubles with the autorithies related to piracy.

The only way to get licensed WinXP CD is to buy it in CCAR building 3rd floor, so I went there. Because of that, I was late for my Research Method class in UPI that started in 9am. I didn’t care about being late and I already skipped two times in this class so I just went inside the class. Luckily, the teacher didn’t pay too much attention to students who were late. So, I got into the class. well, it went like other classes whom I didn’t pay too much attention and talking with friends instead.

So, I met my dosen at 11am in the teacher lounge and tried to install WinXP. That’s when the probelm came. The setup disk didn’t detect any HDD. I’m so confused. I thought that it’s because the HDD wasn’t formatted. So, I use Fedora Installation CD to detect the HDD. Well, it did detect 80GB HDD. So, I thought that “OK, now I can install the WinXP”. Then, I booted the notebook from the CD but still the HDD was not detected.

So, I asked the technical support in the Bandung Electronic Center (BEC). She told me that it’s because the SATA setting in BIOS is enabled while it shouldn’t be. So, I disabled it and it worked. So, I asked myself, “why the Fedora 6 could detect the HDD while the WindowsXP couldn’t?”. Maybe it’s because Linux (Fedora 6) is still better than WinXP.
well, cut to the chase, after I finished the installation, I also installed the Linux Fedora 6 just in case. I showed to my dosen how “beautiful” Fedora is with its desktop effects although he seemed not to amazed by its beauty while I know it’s very hard to build such an amazing effects (salute to the Fedora developer).

Now, I’m browsing to ftp server across ITB to find any manga and anime updates and other interesting things along the way. It so happened that I find some. There is this book called “Buku Saku Korupsi” and the other one “Kode Etik Pegawai”.
Buku Saku Korupsi Kode Etik Pegawai

They are released by Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi [Corruption Elimination Committee] Indonesia. Well, it’s one of good things that they do and I hope that these books could be used as it meant to be. I’m worried that some people would misuse these books. I hope “You have to know the system so that you could mess with it” thought won’t cross anyone who read them.

my work, my life

I would like to say welcome to my blog site. I’m very pleased that you could view my page either intentionally or not. I would share information about my activities related to my work in this blog. I’m a system analyst and designer. I mainly deal with how-to make information system in companies, organizations, or public services. I’m expert in Enterprise Architecture Planning and Business System Planning. I have worked on Fund Raising Foundation Information System, and Mailing Administration System and currently is working on HospitalInformation System and Language Learning System.

I happen to be also an English-Indonesian translator/interpreter. So, if you need help to translate Indonesian to English or vice versa just contact me. I am working with my colleagues in British Change, a company working on translating Indonesian-English journal, books, or other text materials. We also could provide help if you need Indonesian-English interpreter.

I owned a tutor service in Indonesia called British Children. It provide private teacher to teach English/Indonesian language for your children in the comfort of your house which I think the best place for children to learn.